Sources of Help

This page offers lists range of support services that may help you to get yourself on the path to better mental health, including helplines, websites and support groups.

Immediate sources of help

If you are currently struggling to cope with suicidal feelings, there are several sources of help that can offer you support in an emergency right now.

The Mind website contains valuable information on ‘How to cope right now’, including specific instructions on how to get urgent help (the yellow ‘I need urgent help’ button at the top of the page).

In summary:

Over-the-phone support

Listening and emotional support helplines

Confidential helplines that help you to talk through your problems and can offer non-judgemental support

Information, support and advice helplines

Confidential helplines that provide information and point you on to further sources of help


These websites contain accurate and clear information about a range of mental health challenges.

General mental health concerns

Mind mental health charity

Rethink Mental Illness charity


The Royal College of Psychiatrists

Mood-related mental health concerns

Bipolar UK

Depression UK

Support groups

Online or face-to-face group meetings with others who have previously or are going through the same mental health challenges as you can provide a huge amount of support and comfort. You can search for a support group near you via the Rethink Mental Illness or Mind websites.